New Followers | A Conversation

If you’re new to following the ways of Jesus then you probably have a lot of questions. Maybe you’re wondering…

-I’m brand new to this, where do I begin when it comes to the Bible?

-Do I “need” to be baptized?

-What is most important for me to know – for my growth and maturity?

-What is prayer? How do I do it? Why is prayer so important?

-Why is “the church” so important to my health as a follower of Jesus?

-What do I do about old patterns/habits of living?

-What does faithfulness to Jesus’ call to make disciples look like in my life?

-What resources do you recommend?

The goal of New Followers | A Conversation is to encourage you in your faith. It’s also our hope that it will encourage new and not so new followers of Jesus towards disciple-making. We pray that it will help demystify the topic and begin conversations around discipleship that lead to the practice of it.

Watch the video HERE or listen to it via the podcast.