LOCAL Story | Brieanna Molin

Brieanna had a unique upbringing in that her grandmother had taught her of alternative ways of spirituality. She delved in meditation, interpreting omens, and divination at a young age. Brieanna had first heard of Jesus at the age of 14, but was very much in question of the Gospel. “Although I heard the stories, I still didn’t grasp the reason for Jesus being put on the cross. A huge part of me was left wondering: attempting to piece together a puzzle while searching for pieces in all the wrong areas”.

Brieanna vulnerably shared that her consistent seeking of spirituality eventually led to her embracement of witchcraft as she entered into her 20’s. While on the outside things seemed to be going favorably for her in her life, on the inside she was tormented. “ I found myself in a pit, plagued by nightmares and having tormenting suicidal thoughts. Once again, I was found crying out to God like I always had when things went wrong”.

She reflected on a moment where she felt prompted by the Lord to open her dusty bible where she was met with the convicting words of Deuteronomy 18. Brienna recalled how one part of the scripture read ”The Lord YOUR God.” ‘It was direct and spoke to my soul. He called me His. Hearing these words, I experienced an immediate reverence, a light in the darkness”.

This was the beginning of Brieanna’s gradual journey towards becoming a follower of Jesus. “I am completely changed by the Blood of Christ, living life in submission to wherever He would call me and letting go of anything that would separate me from Him. Delivered from depression and set free from a life ruled by sin”.

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